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  • Date: 2016-09-08The Brightest Scenery in Shinestar - Walk into Threeway Steel

    ​They are a young and vibrant team. They carry forward the dauntless spirit of “Where there is a will, there is a way”.In the first line of the international steel sales,they have made one remarkable achievements after another and realized new span one by one. Who are they? They are the most beautiful landscape in Shinestar-Threeway Steel Co.,Ltd

  • Date: 2016-08-22Tenacious Struggle! Women's Volleyball Spirit Shines Shinestar Forward

    Rio Olympics, Lang Ping and her volleyball girls won the most exciting gold medal. Almost can not qualify in the group stage, but they took on a new look with a few days, and continuous defeat their opponents to win the Champions. This is a rare miracle in the Olympic history. This is a perfect portrayal of sports spirit, called Epic Olympic.

  • Date: 2016-08-12Bestar Steel: a harmonious and mighty company

    It was a great achievement for a team for harmonious power and brand legend of Shinestar with the clear tenet of enterprise, barrier-free communication, mutual understanding and trust, loyalty and dedication from every employee. Who they are? They are one of the most powerful integrated steel exporters in China, they are one of the most valuable subsidiary in Shinestar, it’s bestar steel co.,ltd.

  • Date: 2016-07-27Summer grand sale- All line of products reduce RMB 50/ton and pay on delivery

    Shinestar launched a one season period Preferential activity (1st July -30th September , 2016) to return our customer long time support.  We offer a icy present to our customer in the hot summer with the best favorable price and sincere service Summer grand sale, discount constantly

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