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Anti-corrosion Steel Pipe
Anti-corrosion steel pipe refers to do anti-corruption treatment for the ordinary steel pipe with special technology, making the steel pipe equipped certain corrosion resistance.
Generally used in waterproof, anti-rust, acid and alkali proof, anti-oxidation and so on.
Different needs, different inside and outside wall corresponding anti-corrosion measures.
Common are: epoxy coal tar anti-corrosion, anti-corrosion epoxy coatings, urethane paint anti corrosion, IPN8710 water pipeline corrosion protection, non-toxic paint anti corrosion, anti-corrosion polymer coating, steel pipe lining anti corrosion cement mortar, etc.
Anti-corrosion steel pipe is mainly used in special requirement or engineering field with bad environment.
According to the steel pipe using location can be divided into the outdoor steel pipe anti corrosion and buried steel pipelines anti corrosion.
The ground: special surface coating anti-corrosive paint is still the main method of steel construction and rack anti-corrosion. Anti-corrosive paint protection function can be divided into the primer, middle paint and top paint, all the layers of paint have its characteristics, individual, several layers together, forming a composite coating, improve the anti-corrosion performance and prolong service life.
Underground: the corrosion reason of outer wall is more complex, such as soil corrosion and stray current corrosion, microbiological corrosion and so on, should choose a kind of good insulation, chemical stability, resistance to plant roots antimicrobial antiseptic material. Buried steel pipeline outer wall corrosion mainly is electrochemical corrosion, coating anti-corrosion layer in the outer wall of pipe is the most commonly used method. The outer coating can reduce or block the corrosion current and slow down the corrosion. Suggest using epoxy coal tar anti-corrosion, there are national standard to depend on.